Every collection has a story..

Fashion Ambassadors is a global platform that elevates makers to create lasting social impact. 


We connect makers with consumers using the vehicles of storytelling, influence, and design. Working side-by-side with creators in lean economic environments, we help build sustainable brands. Behind every collection, there is a story. We surface those stories to help our artisans gain visibility to launch and market their unique lines.


In parallel, we partner with experts to build the business behind the brand: ensuring access to the training, resources and technology required to refine skills, develop business acumen, effect positive social change, and grow an impact-led business



The Mama Africa Collection is inspired by a family heirloom passed down by her grandmother, and a passionate desire to express the beauty of the content of Africa. 



Inspired by Auntie Hannen's story, we have partnered with Medshare to improve the quality of healthcare for mothers and children in medically underserved countries and reduce the number of deaths associated with childbirth.